pillow with piping

How to make a pillow with pipping

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Isn’t it great when you can make a pillow on your own? and not only a pillow, you can make it with additional piping…

“on my own?”


And it is not as complicated as it sounds…

Trust me, it is as simple as any other sewing “product”…

How about a step-by-step video which will explain every single stage, from some plain materials to ready-to-use pillows… You are just about to learn it…

Today I wanted to find a quick, simple and cool tutorial for people who like to sew, just like us. I surfed the internet and found some amazing material (we will share some awesome results of my “journey” in other articles as well) which I want to share with you today.

Today I am talking about:

Pillow With Piping

All you need to create an awesome pillow with piping is just some usual stuff… nothing special. but the idea alone is not that cool cause you have to think about the ways you can actually transform it into a reality.

That is why I want to share some photos and video from an amazing channel on youtube called MADE Everyday.

This awesome channel is a great source of inspiration for all of me and I am very happy to be able to watch it with you.

Don’t wait any longer, continue reading and watch the video. Don’t forget to share this article to let me know that you like the job we’ve done and want to see more stuff like this!

Pillow with piping

And just as I promised, a great video with detailed, step-by-step description of a whole process. Good luck…


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