How to crochet the Heart Shawl Step By Step - Easy Stitch Tutorial

How to crochet the Heart Shawl Step By Step – Easy Stitch Tutorial

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In today’s article, I want to share something special – how to crochet the heart shawl…

The name itself says it all…

The techniques described in this tutorial are unique and awesome and can be used in many other cases…

As I always do, I surfed the internet and found the most awesome video about this topic to share with my readers.

I collected it all and transform this material into a terrific article…

After being inspired by the result I found on the internet, I decided to collect the information and create a collage.

Video collage is awesome and my readers can’t stop loving it… But videos I present are the top 1 material that visitors tend to love…

Of course, I didn’t want to disappoint my readers… That’s why I have a video as well.

I am talking about:

Heart Shawl

Heart Shawl - Crochet by following this amazing tutorial!

You will fall in love with this tutorial, the technique described and it will definitely inspire you to create a lot of stuff.

So you can say it is an ultimate win-win kind of situation in a lot of ways…

The result is amazing… And the pattern will not disappoint you…


Even though it is a little more complicated than the stuff I usually teach, it is more than worth it.

Don’t forget to thank me later and share this tutorial with your friends!

I promised a video, didn’t we? I just love the channel –  Esperanza y Ana Celia Rosas

That’s why I love to share the content from there… cause it never disappoints nor me nor my readers…

Here it is:

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